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$800/Per Month


  • Premium web design (Unlimited page revisions).

  • Premium SEO (comprehensive keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, link building, and monthly performance reports).

  • Marketing Strategy (In-depth consultation, market analysis, tailored marketing plan development, monthly strategy sessions, and business to business [B2B] research).

  • Print Media (two free quarterly orders of your choice. Up to $100 each. %20 discount for every order after).

  • Graphic Design (two free quarterly designs of your choice. 20% off every design order after).

  • Social Media (management of THREE of your social media platforms).

  • On call instant services (during business hours).

  • CRM solution management.

  • Email and text marketing (3 SMS texts and 3 emails per month).

*client can request different options for each Subscription Rate Package.

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